Friday, December 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Catch a Falling Heiress' by Laura Lee Guhrke


Catch a Falling Heiress is a refreshing historical romance with two strong-willed characters going through an unusual courtship.
Linnet was one of my favorite historical romance heroines ever because she was portrayed very realistically. A little bit spoiled, a little bit na├»ve, but very determined to be independent. Her biggest problem was that people close to her kept betraying her and lied to her face, so she had a hard time discerning what’s true and what not, what’s real and what fiction.
When Jack comes on the scene, the situation becomes even more complicated. He’s a reckless, impulsive character and I loved getting to know him. Jack’s biggest appeal as a character was that he was actually discovering unknown facets of his own personality as the story developed. He’d never planned to marry because his financial circumstances didn’t allow it, but all of a sudden he was courting a young woman he only just met, and just weeks into their acquaintance he realizes, quite shocked, that he’s in love with her. Despite the quick progression of their relationship, this was written in a believable way.
A really good point that the author made was also Linnet’s hesitation in accepting Jack’s hand in marriage. He was a man who got her into the tight spot in the first place, the things she learned about him were not very reassuring, yet he made her feel different than any of the other suitors. Her inner struggle when she had to decide was compelling and I sympathized with her throughout the novel. Linnet and Jack both learned a lesson on trusting people.
The rest of the cast, except perhaps for Linnet’s parents, were more or less stock characters, which was a shame. Luckily, Linnet and Jack and their odd courtship were gripping enough to keep the story interesting. The pacing was good, and the change of setting one third into the novel only added to the refreshing story.
If you want a romance story with a reluctant girl and a wicked bachelor who is not afraid of admitting he’s in love with the heroine, Catch a Falling Heiress will satisfy your romantic cravings.

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