Monday, December 25, 2017

Book Review: 'Cardinal Desires' by Linda Nightingale


You are the first…and you will be the last.
This new case has Katy, a forensic psychiatrist, in a loop not only because the key points in this case are strange but also because she’s attracted to a high profile journalist that could give her answers to her questions and fulfill every one of her dreams.
Katy has a painful past that she tries to move on from. Even her dream man, straight out of a portrait, has his own personal demons to handle. It was an interesting journey to see how they cope with their pasts and learn to trust each other and learn to love.
As I have said Katy had a painful past that has created a barrier which stops her from trusting someone. It is a slow process for her. For me it was annoying at times but I still can understand her tendency to try to protect her heart from any damage or hurt.
The author did a great job in trying to involve readers in the story. I understood the motivations of both of them perfectly well. Katy is a psychiatrist but in her love life she is not able to follow her own advice. While Sterling, the high profile journalist has lost so much that he’s willing to do anything in order to save the love of his life when she’s in danger.
There is mystery and suspense in healthy doses for any mystery lovers.

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