Sunday, December 31, 2017

Book Review: 'A Bride for the Season' by Jennifer Delamere


This is a fun story and it was a quick read. I finished it in one sitting and enjoyed it very much. I was especially drawn to Lucinda–the older daughter. She was not as socially adept as her younger sister, but she had so much more depth of character that I think she would have been a good friend. Unlike a lot of women at the time, she has no desire in getting married, mostly because she doesn’t think anyone would want her.
It’s an inspy romance without being preachy. The faith of these characters isn’t something they hit you over the head with–it’s the way they live; i.e., Lucinda working at Caring House for Wayward Ladies.
James is a cheerful, fun rake with his own set of scruples. While he is an inveterate flirt, he would never compromise an innocent. He, also, has no intention of being married–until one day he is caught in a dilemma and forced to become engaged to Lucinda’s younger sister–with the strict admonition from the parents that he also find a husband for Lucinda.
Seeing how they slowly fall in love with each other, while at the same time being forced by their own code of ethics to do nothing about it makes this story work. And I have to say I absolutely love the ending. I could so see this being made into a movie and it would be so much fun!

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