Friday, December 8, 2017

Book Review: 'Boots and the Rogue' by Myla Jackson


Sometimes the best thing is to go home again. Brody McFarlan is home after eight years, and Jessie is yearning for a home of her own. These two are fated from the moment Jessie decks Brody and he calls her horse ugly.
Brody’s mom has given the boys an ultimatum of find a lady love in two months or he sells the ranch, and this time crunch helps the shorter length of this story really work. Brody and Jesse have the chemistry, the banter and they’re both yearning to find their center and home.
Brody has unique talent, and doesn’t know if he can fit in in Texas anymore, but then he finds himself in love with Jesse and reconsidering all he thought. I really liked that he realized what he wanted and found a way to do it, and in such a way that it made my heart smile. I haven’t read all of these books but I have read enough of them that I enjoyed seeing past characters.
However, I can definitely say that is a story that can be enjoyed and read all by itself. I highly recommend it and look forward to any future stories revolving around the Ugly Stick Saloon.

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