Friday, December 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Bayou Bound' by Linda Joyce


Bayou Bound is the second book in the Fleur de Lis Series and it focuses on a family centred relationship. Nick and Biloxi’s families are opposed to each other; imagine Romeo and Juliet set in the deep south with deep rooted Southern traditions and values. This is a novel which involves the whole environment around the couple rather than tunnel visioning in on the two of them.
Biloxi is first portrayed as a reluctant damsel in distress but she does have strength of character and is a modern businesswoman in her own right. Nick is a typically strong male – physically and emotionally. However he does have a strange past, his grandfather having hidden much of his family’s history from him as a boy.
There are a few sex scenes thrown in which are satisfying to read and have some spark but these are few and far between due to the familial twist of the book. However there is a lot of fire and physical contact between these two before the sex comes into play.
The families brought an interesting variant to the romance theme but I did think that they came between the couple too often. At many times, this story was more about the drama of their families than the romance. I also felt that the traditional and hard-to-change values of their families were perhaps a little too stuck in stone for contemporary fiction.
That said, I was drawn into the narrative and was never bored by the pace of the piece. I kept reading through the night until the story was done, just to find out how the two families could be forced to like each other and whether love would indeed “win out”. I would recommend this book to historical romance readers who want to try a contemporary piece or to traditional readers and family orientated individuals who would like to see a happy ending.

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