Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Back in the Game' by Lori Wilde


A man who’s convinced his successful sport life is over, and a woman who hasn’t had the chance to start living yet make magic together. Their romance, as unexpected and unlikely as it is, is sweet and hopeful.
Perhaps the attraction Rowdy feels for Breeanne at first seems unbelievable. He is used to the attention of the prettiest women on the planet, so him finding the very average and inexperienced girl a huge temptation seems far-fetched. However, as we get to know her (and him, for that matter), it all begins to make sense. She turns out to be genuine, spunky and intelligent and her beauty doesn’t lie in her looks, but rather in what a great character she is.
Rowdy, too, shows us various layers of his personality as we follow his journey after a severe injury that ended his career. He’s got depth that he usually hides behind teasing remarks and a disarming smile. As for the attraction he feels for Breeanne – it’s easy to understand it once we compare her to his previous lovers.
Although we see little of Breeanne’s family, the short cameos of her sisters are strong enough to make me want to read their stories too. Their relationships are genuine and strong, and the author uses them wonderfully to show their individual and very distinct characters. Warwick was another favorite of mine with his silent ways and towering presence.
The quotes at the beginning of chapters were a nice addition that I’m sure every baseball fan would appreciate, and they were a great introduction into the chapters themselves.
The story as a whole flows nicely, never stalling as it’s always full of surprises and twists. Most of those stem out of Breeanne’s inexperience and quirky character, so they don’t just propel the story forward but also reveal a lot about her character.
Both protagonists of Back in the Game have gone through hard times, but they came out stronger than they thought possible. The book portrays them and their relationship nicely, showing us that there’s hope even when things seem bleak.

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