Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Book Review: 'The Baby Bonanza' by Jacqueline Diamond


The Baby Bonanza, part of the Safe Harbor Medial series, is chock full of emotion, personal drama, romance and the highs and lows of life. A reader is treated to an amazing community of people who support, love and stand up for those they care for when mean, drunk or vicious people try to mess with their lives. This story has so much going for it and the ending was as wonderful as I could wish.
The main protagonists are Lucky and Zora. Life has dealt them some bad cards and they’ve navigated their crisis the best they knew how. For Lucky, he was sustained by the dream of the perfect scenario for safety, control and how his future would be spent. Anything messy was frowned upon. For Zora, it was for the magical dream of her ex-husband regretting his choice of letting her go and his returning to her with love and acceptance. None of those things were what was best for both the hero and heroine but they couldn’t see that. Certainly not in the beginning. This book shines as it shows a reader the journey they both go on as they realize that what they thought they needed was completely different from what they had. The most amazing thing happened though all that craziness – they fell in love, and it was a wild and emotional ride.
This novel also includes the people who share their boarding house and it amazed me to see that all these people who started out as strangers ending up being a family. Not like a family but a real family. They tease, they harass, they have bad habits and they all pitch in to help. What made their relationships with Lucky and Zora charming and engaging was their support, their caring, their camaraderie and their zeal in protecting each other from the bad stuff life throws at them. And, believe you me, some of the offal that comes their way is sneaky, mean, manipulative and dastardly. The best thing is, truth wins out in the end but not before a tragedy occurs that stuns most every character in the book.
One of the strongest elements in this story is the dialogue. It’s told mostly from Lucky and Zora’s point of view for which I’m grateful. If I had to keep track of all the people populating this tale, I’d have gotten dizzy or mental whiplash. As it was, the author balanced both their point of views perfectly. The author described every worry, feeling and love and moments of hilarity until I felt part of the group. This book touches the heart of every romantic notion I have about what it is to fall in love so hard, you want a family with this person and you want it forever. By the time the happy ever after wrapped up I was convinced that love really does conquer all. Probably because everyone makes mistakes in this novel, everyone is all too human and it’s that very essence of humanity that makes this novel such a powerfully emotional read because at the end, there is love. There is forgiveness. It’s beautiful and very special.
The Baby Bonanza is a must read. For readers who like to see folks overcome incredible personal hardships, who enjoy tender moments and families reuniting and all the good stuff rainbows are made of after the storm, then this is the book to grab. It’s a winner

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