Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Book Review: 'At Ease' by Olivia Brynn


Jaycee loved her Psychology 301 class which is held three days a week. Tyler Johnson always sat in the seat directly in front of her and she never failed to get an eyeful of the handsome solider. The ninety minute class always passed far too quickly, and she never managed to retain a word of the lecture. One class though, she can’t help herself, and before she knows it Tyler is fulfilling her every fantasy.
This is a smoking hot read, fast paced and deliciously naughty. I loved how quickly Tyler and Jaycee came together after both admitted they’d been fantasizing all semester about the other. I felt the chemistry was sizzling and when they finally came together it was satisfying and super hot. I was actually impressed with the small twist half way through. I think the author did a great job of turning a cliché onto it’s head and it gave the whole plot a fresh perspective I really enjoyed.
Readers looking for a fast, sexy short story should definitely give this a try. While at a first glance it might look like a typical “horny solider gets the girl” story I found it to be more than that, and ten times hotter than other, similar, stories. I loved the chemistry and connection between Jaycee and Tyler and will happily reread this story a number of times more. Recommended.

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