Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Against the Tide' by Kat Martin


Mystery, murder, a secretive beauty, and a “Freckin’ Hot” hero bring Against the Tide to life.
Olivia Chandler hopes, after three years, her past is erased forever. She likes Valdez, Alaska. The people have befriended her. Here is where she’d like to make a life for herself.
When an employee’s fiancĂ©, is murdered, Olivia joins forces with Rafe Brodie, the one Katie, the waitress, calls “Freckin’ Hot.” As they and a few friends do their own investigation to clear one friend’s name and find the real murderer, Olivia and Rafe’s attraction to each other raises the heat level. Love scenes sizzle.
However, Rafe senses all is not right with Olivia, who has a highly trained guard dog, plus she never speaks of her past and avoids his questions about it. He gets his brother Nick to check her out.
As they deal with would-be terrorists, and the fallout from an innocent picture of a party posted on Facebook, plus the information Nick gleans, Olivia seems to get more boxed in minute by minute. How they deal with the situation makes breathtaking and, sometimes, adrenaline-pumping reading.
Kat Martin weaves a tapestry of a tale with dark, dark, threads of antagonists on a mission that could create another “9-11” along with dark threads of a different shade from Olivia’s past. These dark threads threaten to overpower, but cannot dim the bright threads of friendship, love, and hope. Ms. Martin’s weaving shows the beauty of the Alaskan setting as she weaves in a few sub-plots that enhance the main plot while never ceasing to work in the bright golden threads of a love that has “toe-curling” moments.
This captivating story sweeps the reader along with loyal friends and family, with danger that lurks, and, best of all, with love that finally sparkles with happiness. GOOD reading!

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