Sunday, November 26, 2017

Book Review: 'The Wrong Bride' by Gayle Callen

Riona is by no means a shrinking violet, but she is also no match for big Hugh McCallum. They don’t meet in a drawing room, but in her bedroom. Their discussion is neither polite nor genteel…
In fact, we readers sympathize with Riona’s fear and desperation. This is not one of those stories where a pre-made match goes awry – but where a woman must tackle life with her own courage and decisiveness. There is indeed a “mistake’ but eventually we know putting it right will end up costing both of them.
BRIDEThe Wrong Bride is unexpectedly unpredictable, with strong characters that evoke some real emotion. The ‘wretched Highlander’ is and is not what Riona fears. There are quite a number of characters actually, (not all human, as I loved little Hamish-the-terrier, and thought the dog a nice touch.) Though there are quite a number of human characters, the book is beautifully written, so there never seems a point where the author is juggling characters in a confusing way.
Ms. Callen offers us a wonderful historic context as the lifestyles and backdrop are simply perfect: both in giving a picture of the times and in contributing to the story-line.
Witty, fun and ultimately satisfying,  The Wrong Bride is everything a historical romance fan expects.

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