Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Book Review: 'Wolf On A Mission' by N.J. Walters

Werewolves and humans striving for balance, peace and family.
Maybe it is just me, but I love books which have children in them of any age. This novel had it in a triple dose.
Ellias never thought he would find his mate, neither did he think that his mate would already be the mother of a boy. His belief that he wouldn’t was because he was totally focused on looking for a home for his nephews.
Love is a small word but Wolf on a Mission showed me that it can come in all forms.
A small community of werewolves, both full blooded and half-breeds as well as humans, live together isolated from the rest of the town. This small community is the answer to Ellias’ quest for his nephews because they are also half-breeds.
From the get go I felt the bond between Ellias and his nephews and his need to give them a safe home to grow up in. The big surprise for him was Sue and her son; they’re both humans.
This is a cleverly plotted and written story. As the lives of both Ellias and Sue get tangled up slowly, it’s filled with love and family, and the need to protect them when they are in danger or hurt.
The passionate chemistry between them, and Sue’s need to love, cherish and mother not only her child but Ellias’ nephews, warmed my heart. Now this is not just a paranormal love story, the author has created an entire world of paranormals who live along with humans. It’s a world of paranormals who usually do not align or accept half breeds, or any kind of alliance with humans – especially when the alliance is romantic in nature.
Though this book can be read as a standalone, since I have not read the previous books, it felt like I was missing or losing something about this world that the author has created. I think I need to read the series from top to bottom to truly appreciate all the details.
Readers who look for a paranormal romance that centers around families should give this one a try. It hit all the right notes with plenty of romance and spice but mostly love.

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