Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Book Review: 'The Wedding Rescue' by Megan Kelly

Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons sure gets complicated when the wrong thing turns out to be the right thing after all. But someone isn’t happy about it; not happy about it in a creepy, villainous way. How the author wove that into the story was genius. It made reading The Wedding Rescue all the more interesting because of that subtle nefarious twist.
weddingLexi tries to save Jack from a horrid fate, or so she thinks. She’s used to fixing problems but this one is bigger than anything she could have imagined. The emotional conflict comes from Jack and Lexi actually liking each other but not realizing just how much more their feelings are for each other. They’ve both made choices, have lives and careers in a small town where there aren’t too many surprises because everyone knows everybody. Because of that familiarity, neither one had ever looked deeper at the other to discover the treasure that was right under their noses. It took Lexi’s sister bolting away from her own wedding in the last few minutes to “go time” to throw every plan, dream, goal, expectation and perception on its ear and start a chain of events no one could have anticipated. What follows is an unusual romance.
Jack thinks he knows what he wants in a woman. What he was really getting was a one dimensional mirror image that was a stand in for someone who his heart recognized but his brain didn’t have a clue. Before you say ‘typical guy’, Jack was a very likable character. He has many great qualities and has his chance to prove to one and all just how heroic he can be. Before that happens, readers get to see a hardworking, manly man with a great sense of humor, love for family and friends who looks good riding a horse. I liked how the author was able to make me feel the love Jack has for his daughter.
Lexi is quite the independent woman. She has a great but challenging career and she doesn’t think of herself as a girly-girl. She thinks she’s pretty much on the sidelines, especially compared to her sister, who she’s posing as. Lexi’s going to find out that she’s very noticeable; it’s a good thing/bad thing. But what I really liked was how no matter what, she was herself, and Jack’s grouchy relative saw right through her and liked her just the way she was. That revelation was one of the high points for me. It showed me he wasn’t slow, old and doddering, and it showed me that Lexi was a really sweet, caring person. I liked that.
The only bit of fluff that the book could have done without was a side relationship between two secondary characters. It really had no bearing on Jack and Lexi’s romance so I didn’t understand why it was even there. If it was to foreshadow or set the hook for a future story for the two, it didn’t draw me in. If I ever do read it, it will be because it would be about Jack’s brother, not because I felt any emotional sparks between the two.
The Wedding Rescue is a full bodied romance filled with a lot of emotional layers. There’s gentle humor, characters that are genuinely likeable, and a few that are not, with good reason. It’s a well told romance story that takes the time to explore all the nuances of ranch and community life and shares with a reader all its charm and quirks. The cutest sentence in the novel was the last sentence. I had to think for a moment to remember what Lexi said earlier in the book and once I got the joke, I belly laughed. This was a really nice book to read and I recommend it.

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