Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Book Review: 'Vulnerable' by Mary Burton

An intriguing chiller, Mary Burton’s Vulnerable is a must read for suspense book enthusiasts. The opening offers a sense of one of victim…but more will come to light.
Investigator Georgia Morgan has personal links to horrific tragedy, giving her an exceptional motivation to pursue this nasty case outside Nashville. Or, more correctly cases, because things develop rather quickly. This thriller has it all: there are elements of the police procedural, with the logical approach, consideration of evidence…and the cute, protective colleague. No spoilers here! Is that detective a pest or a love interest? We don’t know, for a while; although I can guess what most readers will be hoping for!  It also offers a true thriller sense of being stalked, of secrets and ‘closet skeletons’ creating unlooked-for links, and the odd surprise. And although the crimes are horrible, this is truly not a ‘horror.’
Vulnerable is vastly more intriguing than scary. The investigation and plot make sense. Characters are well-developed, as is the setting; a national forest set in Tennessee. Ms. Burton creates an incredibly realistic set of events, in an well visualized location, adding to a reader’s interest and belief. If you read with the analytical approach of a mystery fan or if you want that hint of romance, you will like Vulnerable. Recommended.

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