Monday, November 27, 2017

Book Review: 'Unstoppable' by Lynn Crandall

This story starts off with immediate tension. Our heroine, Lara, is in danger right off that bat. She’s attacked and does her best to protect herself (can I just say how much I love a kick-butt heroine?) but is simply overwhelmed. Thankfully, Booker is nearby to help.
MediaKit_BookCover_UnstoppableSome time ago, I read another book in this series (Secrets), so have some insight into the backstory and world-building here. Still, I clearly missed something in between the books, so the martial law that’s been imposed on the town was unexpected. The tension due to this conflict is almost unbearable at times. Everyone is tip-toeing around and worried about a million different things. And it’s all building to the crescendo at the end…
Author Lynn Crandall has a wonderful way with words and description. She makes the scenes and characters come to life in her books, and this one was no exception. The shifters, the setting, the soldiers are all described clearly but not to the point where my eyes glazed over. She also balances the romance with the suspense nicely, and I’d say this book is split right down the middle, so should appeal to both romance readers and those who prefer suspense.
The relationship between Lara and Booker was incredibly sweet… friends first and so much affection and trust from the start. They have their share of bumps, but I never doubted they’d make it through.
I do wish I’d read all the books in order. While the author does a good job catching readers up who aren’t entirely familiar with the series, I still feel that I missed things and that my experience with the book would have been much richer if I’d read them all. With the author’s writing skill and the interesting plot line, I’m sure I’d have been completely engaged in them all and am comfortable recommending this series to lovers of paranormal romance and suspense.

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