Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Review: 'True-Blue Cowboy Christmas' by Nicole Helm

I believe in Christmas miracles and I love to read books that incorporate family, love, hope and happiness. I actually thought I came from a dysfunctional family until I read this story about Summer Shaw, the heroine, who opened my eyes to the fact that I’ve got a pretty good family. Both the heroine and the hero both have tragic past stories that broke my heart and yet because of that history I felt it made them perfect for each other.
I was glad the author shared their past history, not to depress me but because it helped me to understand why the characters made their choices. That history, shocking in an uncomfortable kind of way, is what helped me to develop empathy for all the characters. Well, actually not Summer’s mother. That character was despicable and the author did a great job of making me think unspeakable things about her. Summer’s mother kept you turning the pages just waiting for vindication. This part of the plot is what made it a bit suspenseful. The ending left me feeling justified.
Despite Summer’s past history I found it easy to relate to her because of her natural love for children and the need to be accepted and belong to a family. Thack, the hero, was written as a loving and devoted father to his daughter, Kate. The type of husband I’d want for myself and my children. Kate was an entertaining 7 year old. I enjoy stories that incorporate a bit of humor and make me chuckle, and with Thack and Kate, I had quite a few giggles. My favorite new saying, thanks to Thack is, “Sweet Pickles”.
It was a unique and interesting plot that is plausible. It moved at an acceptable rate which is reminiscent of something I’d see on a soap opera or on the Hallmark channel versus real life. True-Blue Cowboy Christmas was an enjoyable read that met my expectations.

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