Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Review: 'The Trouble with Mistletoe' by Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis always brings a story that captures and holds this reader captive until I read to the last page.  This story is about trust and letting go of the past.
Willa and Keane have a history, though Keane doesn’t realize why Willa is being almost rude to him when she is completely opposite with any other customer. What he does know is that he likes her, and she intrigues him. He picks up on the fact that he should know her but doesn’t seem to remember when or how he met her. In contrast, she seems to remember, in vivid detail, who he is and how they met and parted.
The secondary characters, like the people she works with are very interesting and worth the mention. They show a side to Willa that would not have been evident if these characters were not present. For example, Willa put Christmas decorations on the wall of the street where a homeless man sleeps. That told me a lot about her true character.
Maybe in the future books one of these secondary characters could star in their own story.
The plot is simple but it was how the story and the characters were portrayed and how it was written that held my interest to the end. I never got bored with their story and Ms. Shalvis didn’t overwhelm me with back story that could have slowed down the pace.
The Trouble with Mistletoe is a perfect read for a cold night and a coffee.

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