Monday, November 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Triple the Fun' by Maureen Child

I started this book with the expectation of a nice romance story to escape the stress of the day and Triple the Fun delivered as hoped. It’s typical Harlequin and that made me happy because the romance and the hero and heroine are solid, entertaining and fun to read about.
Connor goes from busy exec, wheeling and dealing, to busy chasing toddlers who hate baths, eat sand and cuddle into his neck when they get a boo-boo. It was delightful watching this man who commands millions of dollars turn into a bemused but determined daddy. I also liked seeing him struggle to resist the feelings the heroine, Dina, inspired in him. Of course he can handle the lust aspect; viral men have that ability in spades. It’s that other niggling feeling that he tries to discount every which way he can. It was sigh-worthy when he finally faced the truth.
Dina is determined to keep her charges; she’s their guardian after all. But she truly loves them and will do anything to see to their care, safety, and insure their feelings of security and of being loved. She’s strong-willed, earnest, hardworking and a nice person. I like how she stands up to Connor even when he represents ‘easy street’. And, like all fun romance stories, of course the hero finds a way to make Dina’s difficult situation work for him and it backfires. Or does it?
My favorite secondary character is Dina’s grandmother. Her gentle wisdom, kindness and love radiate off of the pages like a warm hug. Her contributions to the story are critical and wonderful.
Of course, a spicy romance couldn’t have the heat without effective physical passion between Connor and Dina and Ms. Child delivers well-written scenes for readers to enjoy.
Triple the Fun delivers an entertaining escapist story filled with romance, humor and three adorable babies whose antics inspire many smiles through the book. Dina and Connor are great together and their ardor is palpable. Sure, Connor bungles in a big way; the conflict comes from the blending of two unlikely personalities into a family so when they can no longer resist, the happy ever after is worth every smooshed banana and sloppy kiss. Triple the Fun is an easy recommend.

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