Saturday, November 25, 2017

Book Review: 'Tied To Trouble' by Megan Erickson

He’s chadtothebone. No, seriously, that’s his email handle and it sums up who is…until he meets Owen.
We all mature at a different pace but, eventually, everyone (well, almost everyone) gets to the point where they want more than one night stands, random jobs and flitting from one hobby to the next. It may have taken Chad a few extra party years but, one of the things I liked about this book is his growth. From meeting him in the first book of this series, Chad comes off as the player. No plans, no ambition, no commitment. Actually, that word has always been painful to consider, until he meets Owen.
Owen. He tickled me. He’s a little awestruck that someone who looks like Chad and is such an extrovert, almost to the point of being obnoxious (in a mostly adorable way), is coming on to him. He thinks it’s a joke and instead of melting into a puddle, like Chad expects him to, he surprises them both and totally gets in Chad’s space. That was fun to watch. A dumb-struck Chad is not a normal sight.
There’s a sweet and sexy role reversal trope to this little novel. Owen comes out of his turtle shell and Chad becomes a little less Chad and more serious about what he wants for himself and what he wants for him and Owen, if he’ll have him. When these two get together, they redefine “angry sex”. They were so frantic to be the one in control but then when they each figure out that they really click when instead they hand over control, it’s perfect.
I’ve enjoyed this series a lot. Just like books one and two, the story is well plotted out and flows smoothly. The ratio of sweet to sexy is nice and I was cheering for Chad and Owen’s HEA right after their first encounter. This is book that drew me in early and kept my attention to the end.

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