Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Book Review: 'Through A Magnolia Filter' by Nan Dixon

All throughout Through a Magnolia Filter I found a heartwarming story that showcased the importance of family, following your dreams, and true love. I thoroughly enjoyed this tender heartwarming story.
Liam Delaney, the hero, was a sweetheart. He’s the kind of man you’d want your daughter to bring home and marry. I found him to be a tad bit nerdy with a dash of hot but so was the heroine, Dolley. They truly did bring out the best in each other. Their chemistry was anything but awkward. Together they were “sigh worthy”.
The writing was impeccable. I felt sympathy for Liam’s upbringing. I felt just as confused as Dolley did when she couldn’t make a decision. I was intrigued with the tips and suggestions Liam gave Dolley to improve her photography skills. I can’t wait to implement some of those tips the next time I’m taking pictures. The story flowed with such smoothness it was as if I was watching a movie in my head with all the sights and sounds. I had clear visions in my head of the pictures they were taking as if I was there with them.
The plot was original which was absolutely refreshing. Bravo to Nan Dixon! Through a Magnolia Filter also had a brilliant storyline. I loved the ‘cat and mouse’ back and forth over who thought who was using whom. The novel was great in toying with my emotions between Liam and Dolley. I appreciated the unpredictability.
In the end I was completely satisfied with the happy ever after and appreciated the reminder that “Home is where the heart is”. I highly recommend this book for a pleasant easy read that will leave a reader feeling fully satisfied.

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