Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review: 'Three Amazing Things About You' by Jill Mansell

Imagine a life where you knew you had a short amount of time to live; how would you live those remaining days?
Hallie lives just such a life; without a very rare and risky transplant she faces the certainty of a short life. Yet, Hallie takes every opportunity to change the lives of those around her. Jill Mansell takes the reader on an adventure behind the advice columns. So often we read the columns, deliberate on the advice for better or for worse and then head off on our own lives. Yet, behind each article or column written there is a true to life person with their own hopes, dreams and fears.
From beginning to end, Jill tugs at the heartstrings of the reader and entices them into a world that many of us consider exists but are often thankful that those experiences and fears are not necessarily our own. The cast of characters including the cat which is at the center of a huge family dispute only add to the advanced storytelling that only Jill can weave together.
I especially enjoyed the various situations that Flo and Hallie end up in; especially when the men become involved. Overall the structure and plot layout was great. When beginning the read, there are an almost overwhelming amount of characters to keep track of and the reader and begin to feel a little overwhelmed. As the story moves along, the reader begins see what the author has in store and how everything flows.
This is an amazing read and challenges the reader to look beyond the superficial world that we tend to take for granted. The author challenges each one who reads the book to see more than just daily life but to see the impact that we, as an individual, have on the lives around us.

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