Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Book Review: 'Their Cajun Queen' by Kasey Belle

“Me and mommy named her. Her real name is Pincess Finona Fuzzy-buttness”
This book covers a full spectrum of emotions. Meaning that it was both sweet as well as sexy and then there are some violent elements to it.
Because of the title, I initially thought that this was going to be about voodoo and witch magic and all. I couldn’t have been more wrong.This book is not about magic though there was a little bit of a fantasy element to it at the end. This book is about second chances, love, friends and family.
I have always loved reading about books with children in it. Their Cajun Queen introduced a sweet and innocent little girl that I absolutely loved reading about. I think Emma Grace brought a certain element of fun into the mix that only children can bring. She added to the story rather than simply being a convenient secondary character.
Fiona is a very strong woman, made stronger because of her daughter. She would have given up when her husband died if not for her daughter. Fiona’s past shaped her present as it made her aware of the cruel side of humans early on. Declan and Cade have their work cut out for them in winning her trust and her love but they are exactly what she and her daughter need; what they had been missing in their lives. Trust, security and love.
The author did a wonderful job with the characters and the overall story. There was some violence in it that might be difficult to read but I would recommend readers simply keep a handful of tissues nearby, take a deep breath and read on because there is so much more to this story. There was also a lot of fun and sexy and sweet moments in it that I loved. This had a good balance of both heart wrenching and heart warming. This one is for readers who want a lot of layers to their romance. A fantastic read overall.

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