Thursday, November 30, 2017

Book Review: 'Tangling with the Tiger' by Vivi Andrews

A Siberian tiger shifter and a lion shifter make for one heck of a cat fight.
Dominec has gone through hell and back and the only reason he’s alive is revenge. Revenge for what he has lost. He’s determined to take revenge on the organization who has stolen his his family, gave him scars both mentally and physically.
TIGERAfter his escape from the organization that took so much from him, he became a member of the Lone Pine Pride for one reason, revenge. That’s what he wanted, planned for. Thanks to some volatile anger issues, he’s stuck with a babysitter. Grace is no Mary Poppins, but she’s the only female lieutenant of the pride. At first, I thought he’d hate her but, what he starts to feel more for his ‘babysitter’ isn’t anywhere near child’s play.
Dominec and Grace, well, their relationship from the start has been off the charts rocky. Grace, a lioness, is a feisty fighter but also someone who is, unofficially, the person that everyone comes to unload their stress and all. This made her an endearing character because she didn’t act like she had to be tough all the time.
Somehow Dominec trusts and cares about Grace. What I loved about their relationship was he understood Grace when her family had difficulty understanding her. He knew that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself and did not try to smother her with over-protectiveness though he would follow her around everywhere he could and only interfere when he’s positive she needs helps.
They had understanding as well as burn-your-clothes kind of passion. According to Grace, Dominec is unpredictable and according to Dominec, Grace is a pain in his tail, but a pain he’s willing to protect if she needed that.
Descriptive, with a plot about a nightmare organization and the shifters fighting to protect themselves. The plot unfolds with each page read and ensnared me to the end. Reader’s who like a strong female lead and man who’s strong enough to follow, should give this one a try.

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