Saturday, November 11, 2017

Book Review: 'Sweet Texas Kiss' by Monica Tillery

Knowing what your inheritance is long before the fateful day arrives has its comforts, but can you ever be sure of what an aging and ailing father might do in his last days?
Jack Cooper built a successful guacamole company called Guac Ole with his middle son primed to take over. Grayson had worked at Guac Ole since he was old enough to earn a paycheck. Older brother Gavin became the local Veterinarian while taking on the job of caring for their father in his declining years. He was there until the end amid promises that the family home now belonged to him. Youngest Gage had nothing to fret, because Dad was leaving him oil-rich land. Jack Cooper was definitely the family patriarch and he was leaving his three boys well set.
Or so everyone believed…
On the day of Jack Cooper’s death, family friend and attorney Rodney has a bombshell for each of the three boys: Gavin’s house has been left to his high school rival, Macy Young, a television star and hit country singer. The oil-rich land Gage expected was willed to Charlotte Wilkinson, an environmental scientist, and Guac Ole, the company Grayson had worked to build, now belonged to Rebecca Nash, a floor supervisor at the same company. It seems the world has been turned upside down!
When Jack Cooper became too ill to take care of himself, Gavin moved home. He had been his father’s caretaker and companion in his final days. So after his father’s death, he planned to stay and move into the master bedroom, and most importantly, keep the home in the family. But now that his high school rival owns the home, what is a handsome, single man to do? It isn’t until lovely Macy Young arrives to check out the home left to her that the two clash—again.
Country singer Macy openly wonders why Jack Cooper, the nice father of her high school rival, would leave his house to her, but lately she is feeling the need to get away from the Hollywood rat race. She shows up to pay her last respects and check out the house. Gavin and Macy clash big time—he blames her for the death of his best friend (her singing sidekick) and she thinks he is still mad about her beating him out of the valedictorian seat in high school.
The two had several run-ins soon after Macy arrived. To me, it was unrealistic that the fact never came up that Gavin lives in the house willed to Macy. In fact, it never comes up until Macy decides to use her key and bunk there for the night! Yet when Macy realizes Gavin is living in the home, she becomes outraged. Seriously, the guy’s dad just died, his childhood home was given to you instead of him, and you’re going to barge into his house and plan to live there without any remorse?
Here’s the funny thing … I actually liked the story! It was well written, although character flaws and plot holes abound, but I can’t help but recommend it to you. There is a love scene (okay, who didn’t expect that?) between Gavin and Macy that had me fanning myself while still being clean enough to read and re-read, which is why I rated this “spicy,” albeit mild. It was tasteful and well done. By the way, the cover is so NOT this story!
Surely, stories of the other brothers must be in the works, right? Yeah, I’ll be watching for them. If you enjoy unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary romance stories, maybe you should be watching for more, too.

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