Friday, November 3, 2017

Book Review: 'Sweet Southern Trouble' by Michele Summers

Marabelle Fairchild has a smile as innocent as a cherub, but is as tenacious as a turtle that won’t turn loose until it thunders. She wants, needs, Coach Nick Frasier and his ball players to participate in a bachelor’s auction to benefit Trinity Academy. Her independence, pride, and sense of self worth are at stake.
Handsome, wealthy Nick Frasier wants and needs tiny, feisty, tactless, atrocious-dressing Marabelle for his own personal reasons.
Sweet Southern Trouble is one of the best love stories I’ve read in a while. It blooms with captivating characters, humor that is both subtle and blatant, and the hated antagonist named self-doubt nipping at Marabelle relentlessly. Of course, other human antagonists sneak in and make one bristle at their devious ways—page-turning reading.
Michele Summers does an outstanding job. The high quality of her writing is a joy to read. Her unique, humorous expressions that enliven the story and create wonderful mental images add a delightful, extra dimension to the story: such as Marabelle separating her usual clothes from her classy clothes so they won’t breed, made me giggle, as did the mention of gathering celebrates for an auction is like herding cats.
The love scenes are of the WOW quality. They are not overdone or done too often, just enough to add the perfect spice to the unique relationship Nick and Marabelle share.
Marabelle thinks with her heart not her head and warns herself often that she is living in a fairy tale on borrowed time. While Nick thinks with a different part of his anatomy, but there is also a part of him that realizes Marabelle is his sanctuary. Life is different since the multifaceted Marabelle took on the job of his fiancée.

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