Friday, November 17, 2017

Book Review: 'A Stranger’s House' by Clare Chase

Ruby is a writer, but when her long term relationship ends she takes a job house sitting with the help of her best friend. However, this job becomes life threatening when people start dying.
It took several pages for me to really get into the plot and grasp what was going on because it was a little confusing, but then it got good. Really good!
The owner of a house contacts a company that deals with the house sitting. The owner, whom Nate and Ruby never meet face to face, becomes a very important part of the story. Though they never meet the elusive man, they discover a lot about the kind of man he is and what it means for Ruby because she is house sitting. Ruby comes to work for Nate, who owns the house sitting company, through a mutual connection. What starts as a convenient working relationship evolves into so much more when Ruby begins to uncover the secrets of the house.
As a writer, Ruby is naturally curious and there’s plenty to discover on this assignment. First and foremost is the absentee owner who likes to play with women. And then there are the mysterious deaths.
The characters were for me what made this book special. Nate and Ruby had an instant attraction from the beginning. Though this book is more mystery than romance, I was able to watch their relationship develop and witness them learning to trust each other through the incidents and deaths that occur in the book. Through everything they learn a lot about each other.
The mystery and attraction turned romance is a perfect beach read. The mystery took some time to develop but that time was insightful towards knowing more about Nate and Ruby and their relationship. The climax was the highlight because all of the clues and bits and pieces that Ruby unraveled. It all came together for a realistic and satisfying conclusion.

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