Thursday, November 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Star Crossed: The Billionaires' by Emma Holly

If stimulating and erotic romantic suspense is your thing, prepare to combust. Star Crossed is not only hot but has a solid romance story that fans of the movie,The Bodyguard can’t help but appreciate. In this novel however, the bodyguard is played by a very capable woman and she’s awesome.
Star Crossed has a multilayered emotional plot which includes an assassination attempt, emotional quagmires, personality conflicts, family dynamics and a mystery that needs to be solved sooner rather than later or someone else is going to die. The clock is ticking, plans are in place and Ms. Holly’s writing creates the suspense effectively.
A reader knows pretty much from the beginning just who A.J. (Alexandra) and Luke are to each other because of what happens early in the book. The thing is, neither A.J. nor Luke has any idea just how momentous and devastating that moment in time affected them into the present. I like how Ms. Holly weaves their fates together at points in their lives. A.J. and Luke grow, mature and become what each will need later in life. Then, the author creates the perfect storm that brings them together again and the rest is romance magic.
The mystery of who the shooter was, the motivation and why the criminal was so determined made for some fascinating reading; I couldn’t put the book down. The best thing is that I never guessed who the culprit was. I thought I had a clue or two but I really didn’t. I liked the surprise. The villain was certainly a few cards short of a full deck, that’s for sure.
The most heartbreaking revelation was Luke’s finally telling the full story to A.J. of what happened to him that lead up to that fateful day. That was powerful writing and it affected me. The sad part is, stuff like that really can happen. I wish there were more A.J.s around; people compelled to help someone else in need even when it’s against the odds.
There were a lot of dialogue moments that made me pause and re-read them again just to appreciate just how profound and effective they were. Ms. Holly certainly had moments of pure genius when working with her characters in this novel. I was very invested in A.J.’s and Luke’s safety and happiness.
Fans of Ms. Holly’s erotic works are given a lot of opportunities to experience what the author writes best when it comes to those scenes. What I enjoyed this time around was that all the spice and heat were between the main protagonists. The excitement and titillation helped foster their budding love and romance and I liked that all that sexy passion proved fruitful.
Star Crossed is a very sexy romantic suspense that delivers on the promise of suspense, excitement and love. It’s a great read and an easy recommend.

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