Thursday, November 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Spotless' by Camilla Monk

Some very dangerous people think Island knows more than she’s telling.
Island’s life has never been particularly exciting. She has a good job, a great friend, and a serious addiction to romance novels. Everything changes when March blows into her life. March is probably the most unique hit man I’ve encountered in a book. His obsessive need for cleanliness and order is both entertaining and sad at times. While March can be truly terrifying, he is definitely the lesser evil when compared to the other hit man after Island. Unfortunately, Island learns this the hard way. Fortunately, March has no intention of abandoning Island until he’s fulfilled his contract. As March and Island work at unraveling her mother’s secrets, the more Island realizes she didn’t know her mother at all. Island slowly begins to develop feelings for March, but he has secrets too. Will Island ever be able to fully trust anyone?
Island and March are certainly an odd team. March’s rigid standards definitely clash with Island’s more relaxed approach. I enjoyed watching her push his buttons, and a scene involving a stack of road maps was particularly entertaining. As much as I enjoyed following March and Island on their adventures, I must admit I was a little confused by Island’s developing attraction to March. When I finished reading, I didn’t feel as if I really knew much about him. He is very reserved and rarely ever talks about anything personal. I could tell at times that he wanted to say and do more, but just wasn’t capable or ready to take that step. I think that Island could be very good for March if he would let her in. However, March doesn’t think he is good for Island, and I agree. His life is very dangerous, and unless he makes some serious changes, I don’t see a future for March and Island. While I didn’t expect any passionate declarations of love, I had hoped that the end of the story would have been a bit happier. However, I do get the sense that there is still hope for this odd couple.
Ms. Monk’s writing style well paced and easy to read. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter were always a source of entertainment. I found that as I read, I would just glance at the next quote and then find myself hooked into reading another chapter.
Reading Spotless was certainly a wild ride. I never knew what mess Island would find herself in next, and I look forward to reading more about Island and her adventures in the sequel.

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