Sunday, November 12, 2017

Book Review: 'Soaring' by Kristen Ashley

Once again, Kristen Ashley has left me stunned at the profound beauty of her storytelling. Soaring is the second book in her Magdalene series, and as much as I loved the first book, The Will, I’m absolutely crazy over this one.
Amelia Hathaway is a rich heiress who has lost everything that really mattered most to her. Her husband was a serial cheater who left her for another woman and after Amelia lashed out in anger she also lost her two children. That was a wake up call so the story picks up when she follows them all the way across country from Cali to Maine to make amends. There was some heartbreaking family drama as they did not make it easy on her, but Amelia was determined to win back not just her kid’s hearts but to make a fresh start in her entire life. On her first day she meets Mickey Donovan the hot firefighter and contractor who lives right across the street. Mickey also has two kids and his own fair share of family baggage. These two were attracted to each other but for seperate personal reasons they fought getting involved with some hurt feelings along the way. A few changes and romantic rivals later they finally give in to desire and are soon burning up the sheets in an incredibly hot love affair.
As usual, the character development was great and progressed as Amelia and Mickey’s relationship evolved into something real. For me one of the singular aspects of this and every Kristen Ashley book is how she makes me feel her characters. She brings them to life with their flaws and perfections and blends them into characters who stick out in my memory. Amelia made neccessary changes in her life to grow into an even stronger woman who never tried to hide her mistakes. Mickey was a very strong character who reminded me of Tack in Motorcycle Man, who just happens to be my all time favorite book boyfriend. I loved that they both loved their children and put their happiness above all else but that they still worked hard at overcoming the obstacles in their relationship.
This is a very long book at 597 pages, but it is so worth the read. It is emotional and steamy and incredibly very well written. The characters are amazing. I loved this book so much ! Believe me when I say it is not to be missed.

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