Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Review: 'Seducing Stag' by Laurann Dohner

I am so flipping happy that Laurann Dohner has returned to her Cyborg Seduction Series! After a long hiatus, she gave us first Deviant and now Stag. It’s like she’s on fire with with this series, and I for one, couldn’t be any more pleased. This book was a page turner that had me involved from beginning to end.
This story was lively but for me it was the characters that really popped out. Stag was his same surly self that he was in Deviant’s book. I mean, he really did not like humans; not one bit. Ms. Dohner gave us a glimpse of why he felt that way, but for the most part, my feelings were torn between liking him and really needing to smack him or throw my Kindle or some other emotional outburst. I loved the story though and Nala too, and most of the other Cyborgs. Maze and Hellion really caught my interest and that’s because Laurann Dohner is so adept at giving each character, even the secondary ones, their own unique personality. I think this book would be the first time however that I’ve actually liked a secondary character more than the main one. I would really love to read Hellion’s story because he was more emotionally expressive than the rest of the Cyborgs. Like Deviant, he was considered flawed and that caught my attention. However, as smitten as I was with another Cyborg, it was Stag who put up such an entertaining fight in this one. Captain Surly Pants was downright mean at first but Nala went right back at him until he learned to trust her.
As usual, with Laurann Dohner, this book was well written. The plot was suspenseful with more twists than I had expected, the sex was scorching hot, and even some light humor thrown in there too. I loved it and can’t wait to read the next Cyborg Seduction story.

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