Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Book Review: 'A SEAL’s Temptation' by Tawny Weber

Lark Sommers has been working in a small-town coffeehouse for over a year now. The coffeehouse was her mother’s dream, before her passing. While it isn’t Lark’s dream, she promised her mother she’d keep it running, and keeping her word is important to her, even if the job is slowly killing her. When her best friend set her up with Navy SEAL Shane O’Brian though, life suddenly starts to become far, far more interesting.
SEALI found this to be a fun, interesting, sexy read. I really loved how the author did an amazing job with the “slow burn” kind of relationship between Lark and Shane. This was no “meet and instantly jump into bed” style romance and I enjoyed reading how Lark and Shane danced around each other, got to know one another and generally had a far more realistic set-up to their eventual romance. I thought it incredibly funny Lark initially thought Shane was a stripper (not sure there are many SEALs out there who have been mistakenly taken for something like that!) and found the gentle mix of humour, friendship and lust reached an excellent balance.
The sex scenes were sensual and full of laughter and spice. I found them tastefully written and steamy enough to make a girl blush. It was the emotion and connection between Lark and Shane that made them really perfect to my mind though, and I think the pacing and slow-burn between them made the sex and blossoming relationship even more perfect than the physical acts themselves. Readers who like a bit of spice and lots of romance should find this book really satisfying on many levels.
This is a fun, spicy love story between two interesting people. I loved watching them come together and overcome obstacles of family and career choices. I particularly loved the deeply satisfying happy ending and was left with a warm, happy feeling of pleasure when I closed the book. Recommended.

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