Monday, November 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Santa Wore Leathers' by Vonnie Davis

Looking for a warm, lighthearted romance with a bit of an edge? Then Santa Wore Leathers is worth checking out. Becca and Wolf are a great couple, once they figure each other out. It’s the getting there that makes this novella so engaging.
In Wolf’s point of view I get to see his reaction to Becca. It’s satisfyingly entertaining because he loses the capacity for speech and logical thought. He truly becomes a horn-dog but the only woman he’s panting after is Becca. I thought the love advice he received and whom it received it from made for some of the most endearing scenes in the whole book.
No, wait – I think Becca’s canine companion, Einstein, was the most endearing, and hysterical. I strongly believe Einstein knew something about the two humans long before they did. Personally, I think the beloved dog was the true matchmaker of the story. His many ‘gifts’ to Wolf provided no end of chuckles and giggles.
As for Becca, she had to overcome some serious distrust. Unfortunately Wolf provided reasons himself that fed her fear. The poor guy seemed to suffer from ‘open mouth, insert foot’ syndrome and when he messes up, it’s a whopper. What was frustrating was that he was so super close! This is where the light BSDM came in, with the blindfold and restraints. It wasn’t a lifestyle he was introducing her to but a means to teach her to trust. Because of that, I didn’t list BSDM in the list of tags but as some of the other things he did certainly falls into that category, I’m mentioning it here. He was almost to an emotional home run and then, he opened his mouth before he thought it through, and the plot conflict twisted again. Bad Wolf.
When it was Becca’s point of view, it was pleasant enough but when I have to compare whose POV I prefer, Wolf gets my vote. His was much more fun.
There is actually a lot more I could say about this story because it was chock-full of interesting characters and action but the romance was its strongest point and the happy ever after was perfect. I definitely recommend this little nugget to romance readers who want a quick happy ever after that jostles the emotions but delivers a cheerful and fun ending. Santa Wore Leathers is worth every second reading.

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