Sunday, November 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Rule Of Three' by Lore Graham

Ian is inflamed and insulted when accused of never doing anything daring. So he dabbled in the Dark Arts and tries to summon a demon. That will teach him! But once the demon is summoned things grow far more complex than Ian could have believed possible.
RULEI found this to be a fun, interesting read. I loved Ian’s unorthodox method for summoning the demon and was really intrigued by the fresh approach. This story is in the first person, so it was a great view into Ian’s mindset but also his intent – and this made the story really appealing to me. I liked knowing exactly where Ian was coming from and it helped me feel more connected to him as a character. The fact his intentions were mostly pure (insult and temper as opposed to nefarious reasons for wanting to summon a demon) made this a unique read for me.
A part of me wondered why Ian didn’t think ahead about what he’d do with the demon or how he’d dismiss it – just because one is simple to summon doesn’t necessarily make it easy to get rid of. But aside from this logical plothole I felt the rest of the story held together really well. I was slightly confused as to why “he” was written throughout the story as “ze” and “zir” – I feel there must be some world-building reason behind these different terms, but it wasn’t explained and so I remained baffled throughout the story. While it jarred me a lot, Ian, Jae and their incubus kept me entertained enough I eventually just glossed over the oddness of this section of the writing. I really would have appreciated an explanation to that though.
The sex was explicit but I personally found it hot and intriguing. Readers who don’t like M/M will want to steer clear of this book, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sexy scenes. There’s a small element of BDSM in it – consensual pain and a steamy hot threesome. There is a very satisfied – and happy – ending and I thoroughly enjoyed the antics of Jae, Ian and their sexy incubus.
A fun, lighthearted and steamily sexy read that I truly enjoyed.

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