Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Review: 'Rocky Mountain Devil' by Vivian Arend

Vivian Arend delivered another amazing chapter in her Six Pack Ranch series. Rocky Mountain Devil is the tenth book in the series but it can just as easily be read as a stand alone story. My interest was totally captured from the first page until the last one.
Rafe and Laurel became best friends on their first day at school and their bond was solid up until graduation. Like most young people they traveled in different directions but in their case they never quite forgot about that first love. Years have gone by but now Laurel has returned to their hometown of Rocky Mountain House and Rafe is determined to pick up where they left off. For the most part that’s how it happened but they both had some issues that kept getting in the way. Rafe’s family situation isn’t the best and Laurel’s obnoxious ex has followed her home to keep getting in the way of her relationship with Rafe.
Vivian Arend is an amazing author and this book / series is a solid favorite of mine. The depth of her writing was incredible, as usual. The feel good ease of the story and appeal and emotions of the characters pulled me right into the story. There were a few tense times in the story where I really felt bad for Rafe and Laurel. I loved how they shared their secrets and were there to pick each other up when things got rough. This story was just so genuine and so were the characters.
I absolutely loved it !

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