Friday, November 24, 2017

Book Review: 'Return to Willow Creek' by Roberta C.M. Decaprio

Arizona in 1895; a marriage that might have met with disapproval by some, a question of loyalty, of love and commitment after death, and the impact of a a long-ago love all lie at the heart of this novel.
Amanda Gregory, widow of an Apache chief, is part of a family that includes her ‘sister’ Rising Sun, and son Gabriel, as well as the larger community around them on the reservation. Mutual respect is shown, but there is no denying that they, as a whole are victims; especially the women.
The violence is mostly delicately handled but a part of the life; as well as a motivation for Amanda to reach for help into her past.
Far away is a man who loved her long ago…and might yet. Josh Holmes is the sort that any reader will love: steadfast, believable and sure.  However, things between them cannot progress as we might hope. There is Amanda’s loyalty, and the disapproval of some, including her son. From the first page, we are never able to predict quite how this will turn out.
Indulging in the over-dramatic, at times, lack of credibility interrupts what is otherwise an engaging tale. The background is well done and it is beautifully written and quite heartfelt.
Although this is book 5 of a series, it is a whole story unto itself: one can read it as a stand-alone.
Return to Willow Creek delivers exactly what you’d expect. I do think fans of the time period will enjoy this romance.

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