Friday, November 24, 2017

Book Review: 'Prince of Secrets' by Lucy Monroe

I’m in love with a book. Whenever I read a romance by Ms. Monroe I know that my heart is going to be touched, my emotions tugged and my happy buttons pushed. Prince of Secrets did not disappoint. There’s a way this author writes her characters that makes me smile and feel good.
Basically, Demyan, the hero, makes himself into the perfect man for the heroine, Chanel, in order to fulfill an edict from his king. What the hero never expects is to end up exposing himself, his true self that he never lets anyone see, in the process. The fall of a ruthless shark is delicious. I enjoyed watching him fall.
Chanel was a treat. I really mean that. There are three episodes where the author could have written her reactions in such a way as to make me agitated, cringe and experience stress all in the pursuit of ‘conflict and angst’. What Ms. Monroe did was give me a heroine who was smart, really smart. She observed, she listened to what was said and unsaid and as a scientist, knew how to formulate a theory and extrapolate a conclusion. I liked that she could apply it to people, not just science. That ability provided one of the most emotionally satisfying and powerful scenes when she confronts the king. I felt so … impressed and relieved! I also believe that it showed the strength of her love – it was as close to unconditional as a woman can get about a man with issues and secrets. She’s not a pushover and she’s not as inept as her parents always made her feel. In fact, the revelation about their true relationship is a heart-tugger as well. I liked Chanel.
One of my favorite parts is when Chanel revealed why she studied a certain language. I grinned from ear to ear when she laid that one on Demyan. One of the hottest scenes was in the theater box. The heroine was such a minx! And the reaction of the hero? Everything I could have wished.
When I read a novel written by Ms. Monroe, I always come away feeling like I’ve been treated to a high caliber romance. I certainly did in this book. I’m satisfied with the happy ever after delivery, the epilogue and the feeling of real love between the hero and heroine. Prince of Secrets has it all. If a reader is looking for a book that inspires optimism, joy and enjoys a bit of sass, this is a must read novel.

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