Saturday, November 25, 2017

Book Review: 'Playing For Her Heart' by Megan Erickson

There was more to his cos-playing warrior princess than he knew and more importantly there was more to Chloe than she knew. She was exactly who Grant and Sydney needed in their lives. She just needed a little convincing.
I fell in love with Grant and his daughter Sydney in Playing For Her Heart. This is a dad who accepted the responsibility of raising his daughter as opposed to giving her up for adoption. He had the benefit of his parents to help but took the responsibility seriously. It might be one of the few things he takes seriously. Until he meets Chloe.
Chloe is the sister of a character I met in the first book, Ethan. They have a mutual back story that just tore at my heart. The way Chloe sees herself, or maybe the problem is she doesn’t see herself, drives her to live a very private life behind a keyboard and a computer screen. I loved that Grant is so out there, he won’t let her hide and once she admits to falling in love with both him and Sydney, all bets are off. It was so much fun to watch!
Where Grant is all fun and distraction in the corporate world, he’s totally intense and one track minded in the bedroom and Chloe loves every minute of it. It was an interesting dichotomy of a character. Like flipping a light switch from off to on. An “on” Grant was quite a scorching hot sight to see.
The only thing I felt like I missed out on in this book was some resolution for Ethan. The splinter in his relationship with his parents, while realistic, is painful to witness. It made me a little bit angry with his parents even though I get that they’re all grieving for the loss of a daughter/sister. I’m still holding out hope that Ms. Erickson plans to give him an HEA. He’s such a self-tortured character, he needs someone to him back into the light.
This was another good addition to this series overall. I loved watching Chloe move out of the shadows and accept the love Grant was offering. Their story was very satisfying and I look forward to reading Chad and Owen’s story next. I love finding a new author that speaks to me and has a ready made back log of books to dive into. Readers who look for a good heart-filled contemporary should give this one a try.

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