Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Review: 'Operation Christmas Hearts' by Kay Springsteen

In the sleepy coastal town of Lookout Island, North Carolina, Ashley looks forward to Christmas with her friends, but her heart misses her boyfriend Nick who is overseas with the marines. Although he can’t tell her his location, she guesses it is somewhere dangerous and when he goes missing Ashley finds it hard to keep her faith in his return.
Ashley, a very independent woman, is reluctant to give her love to a man who spends his life fighting the enemy. However, her heart has other ideas.
Nick has a hard job convincing Ashley they belong together. He has very novel ways of proving his love and Ashley finds it hard not to give in, but she must resist him if she is to keep her resolve not to be a woman waiting for her man to come home.
Quite a poignant story with adventure and romance, all bound together with the Christmas festivities and celebrations. This is another wonderful book in the “Heart” series from Kay Springsteen. As well as the romance side of the story, there is also the cosy Christmas feeling as the local school packs parcels to send to the troops for Christmas. By the time I finished reading I had a feeling of satisfaction with Christmas as a family affair. Good book and well written with loveable characters and highlights to grab the attention.

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