Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Book Review: 'Only Yours' by Nancy Fraser

Rebecca Winston is a good and proper lady. As a good and proper lady she is expected, by everybody, to marry her sweetheart doctor boyfriend, Garrett. Rebecca is feeling like she and Garrett are acting more like good friends than a couple that should be married. She is well aware that they are growing apart, but what she can do now, when everyone expects her to be with Garret? Garrett’s father’s heart attack changes everything, because suddenly Garrett’s older brother, Wyatt, shows up. It was an attraction at a first sight between Rebecca and Wyatt and now they have to find a way to break this news to the family.
Only Yours is a short but interesting story. From the very beginning of the story it was obvious that something was off between Rebecca and Garrett and they are so wrong together. On the other hand the situation in which Wyatt and Rebecca ended up was not a pleasant one. They feel attraction, they want to explore it, but they are not sure how people around them will react. The solutions put in the story works well, they are neither forced nor na├»ve.
Due to its length I read this story pretty quickly, and I enjoyed it very much. Fast paced, sweet and interesting. I recommend it.

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