Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Review: 'Numbers' by Laurann Dohner

Laurann Dohner took her amazing New Species series in a new direction with this book. Instead of one long story this book has two short ones that were absolutely fantastic. Both short stories were brilliantly written to pull at the reader’s emotions and surely have them hanging on every word.
Now truth be told I didn’t remember much about Mourn from the previous books but that didn’t matter. His story broke my heart. Mourn was the first truly broken New Species in this series. He just couldn’t get over losing his mate. He wanted out of his misery even if he had to push someone else into doing him the favor. Then Dana showed up and she was basically in about the same state of despair after losing her husband. Their suffereing drew them together but they formed a strong bond that was believable. Laurann Dohner pulled at my heartstrings with this one.
The second story was Hero (927) and I remembered all about him from Valiant’s book. He was the canine New Species who protected Tammy until the calvary got there to save them. This story was just as profound and touching. It was also my favorite of the two because I really loved Candi. She had been through pure hell and was still a fighter even when she had to push her mate.
 “I love you, my pup.”
This story definitely had the most unique spin of all the New Species books. Hero and Candi tugged at my heart because, out of all the couples, they were truly meant to be together. That infused the story with a heady sense of romanticism. Of course, both stories were sinfully hot. Hello! This was Laurann Dohner at her finest.
There were so many reasons to love this book. I simply felt that both short stories were beautifully done. They captured my attention and didn’t let go for a second. I can’t wait for the next New Species book to be written.

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