Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Book Review: 'No Life But This' by Brenda Margriet

Ms Margriet weaves three different journeys together in her story No Life But This. The two emotional journeys experienced by her hero and heroine, as well as a third for her readers as experienced through mainly her heroine, but also from her hero’s point of view.
I have never visited the Azores, but now feel that I would recognize the destination her heroine, Abigail, chose to visit soon after her mother’s death. The scene setting is full vibrancy and detail and strung with garlands of emotional highs and lows. Ms Margriet sets challenges for her heroine that many readers might balk at, and yet can rejoice in for Abigail’s expanding courage and burgeoning self-belief. I kinda wished I’d been on that tour.
The secondary characters that were her adventure holiday companions help to highlight each step in the changes that Abigail encounters. They all played an integral part in the story without intruding upon the main characters.
Santos, along with his sister and mother run an activities tour holiday company and can’t understand his instant attraction to the shy and retiring single member of this week’s holiday guests. He never has an affair with any of his clients so why was this one different?
There is a solid underlying back-story of family loyalty and their consequences. It is these consequences that are responsible for the journeys taken by Abigail and Santos.
The writing is fluent, the sex scenes are spicy, the characters well rounded. The scene setting left me wanting to visit the Azores. And I finished the story in one setting feeling well satisfied and content at the outcome and the way this author presented it.

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