Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Book Review: 'Me + You' by Brenda Gayle

Lori enjoys teaching her students in the second grade, but Grace is having serious difficulties in math. Calling a meeting with Grace’s divorced parents, Lori is dismayed when Grace’s mother is adamant that math isn’t necessary for an artists’ life. Grace’s dad, Mark, however, fully appreciates how important basic addition and subtraction can be. Then Grace herself suggests to Mark that they get Lori to come over and help tutor her. Can Mark and Lori find each other while helping Grace together?
This is an interesting book. Grace is clearly a special character and an interesting child who views the world very differently. Talented in most areas but dismally behind in her math I found this a realistic and very strong plot for the whole story. I liked both Mark and Lori together. They clearly have sparks, but it’s a slow burn kind of romance, one that took its time and flourished throughout the book. I was also quite pleased that Mark’s ex-wife and Grace’s mother, Jade, wasn’t made out to be some evil witch – as is far too easy to do for such a character. Jade was definitely a “free spirit” and had some strongly non-traditional opinions, but at no point did I feel the character was hard done by. I can strongly commend the author for portraying Jade as an ex-wife, but still part of the family unit without being oppressive or negative. I found this refreshing and enjoyed it.
I also really enjoyed how the plot was quite thoughtful and deep. Without going into spoilers, I found the link between Grace’s math problems and some of Mark’s personal concerns really well thought out and clearly not just some throw-away plot device to bring Mark and Lori together. With vibrant characters, a very, very strong plot and some steamy, raunchy sex thrown in for good measure this ticks a lot of boxes and I feel should have a lot of readers really enthralled. I was delighted by each progression and eagerly turning the pages myself. With a romantic, satisfying ending I really enjoyed this book and will happily re-read it a number of times to come. Recommended.

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