Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Book Review: 'Love in the Shadows' by Linda H. Bost

There is a beautiful lesson that comes with reading this book. The author did a wonderful job of portraying that members of God’s family know there is a place where all are welcomed and loved.
The story touches on several issues such as race, family and freedom. True freedom is not determined or controlled by man. This is a happy, heartwarming feel good read with a great plot that is well worth the read. It’s filled with loving and caring characters whose voices are still with me after the story is over. At the end I found myself appreciating the author for the task of writing this complete story and was glad that I picked such an awesome read.
Abby Rose’s life started under grim circumstances: being hunted down to be killed by her grandfather, but fortunately Momma Hattie was there to help her. Along with the protection of Jack Bradley, the two remain hidden from John Wesley. Even though it’s been eighteen years John is still on the hunt and Abby could still be at risk of being found. The characters are well developed and Momma Hattie is an example of strength and encouragement. Though she endured hardship she kept a positive mindset. Her words in a conversation to Lawrence are still fresh in my mind. During a life of slavery when Momma Hattie could have held hate and anger she chose to focus on her blessings instead of dwelling on her tragedies. That just spoke volumes to me. When something crappy happens, or life isn’t going our way, we have to change our perspective.
This was an epic family love story about building a family and relationships. It’s love beyond race and blood. It’s standing for a change even though tradition has already written how the laws of man should go. This wasn’t just a book that when I finished it, I was done. This is a book that left me thinking about what traditions I carry and what I can change.
Lawrence Mallory marries Elizabeth Bradley and moves to the south to help his sister Kathleen and her husband Adam O’Daley on the O’Daley Ranch. With Elizabeth’s mental condition her father sends Momma Hattie, Abby Rose and Eli with Lawrence and Elizabeth. Building a home in the south takes some getting use to for everyone but mostly those in contact with Elizabeth and her worsting condition. This book offers a full story of events that are hard to summaries but the over all message is one that was delivered without being preachy.
I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy a clean read and one that covers the good and the bad in life, but still gives the reader a happy ending.

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