Thursday, November 9, 2017

Book Review: 'Lord Sebastian’s Secret' by Jane Ashford

Lord Sebastian Gresham, a major in the military, who considers himself “the dimmest” of all the sons of the Duke and Duchess of Langford, goes to meet the family of Georgina, his fiancĂ©e, at Stane Castle that is “back of beyond.” He finds a most unique household.
Georgina’s parents married because of their mutual physical attraction, their mutual dislike of society and mutual respect for the other one’s desire to have the freedom to pursue his or her own interests without being nagged. These “interests” create humor, more than a little conflict, and also create obstacles that threaten to destroy Sebastian and Georgina’s dreams.
The humorous situations created by Emma and Hilda, Georgina’s younger sisters, were delightful usually. However, Hilda creates a situation that is life-threatening for both Georgina and Sebastian and really “sets the fox among the chickens” as far as Georgina’s father is concerned. While he is most unconventional in the pursuit of his varied interests, he is very conventional about the behavior of Georgina and Sebastian before they are married. How they get out of this predicament had me reading full-speed-ahead.
About the time I felt like I could slow down to catch my breath, Mr. Mitra, the guest from India teaching Georgina’s father about Hinduism, and the Governess, Joanna, create a situation that will expose Sebastian’s secret. How this gets worked out is not to be missed.
Another humorous part of the household was the herd of little dogs–pugs, no less–that showed up at most inconvenient times. They were Georgina’s mother’s little darlings and nobody dared try to discipline them—fun to read about, but probably not funny to really have to deal with.
The love scenes, so well done, give the reader a good feeling of how right Georgina and Sebastian are for each other. However, there are issues. She is an heiress and has a lot of money while he has little in comparison and then there is his secret. The author, with admirable skill, does indeed hold one’s interest as she untangles the problems.
Lord Sebastian’s Secret is delightful entertainment!

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