Monday, November 27, 2017

Book Review: 'Lay it Down' by Mary Calmes

With a brother like Dalvon, who needed to go looking for problems? They were going to find Hudson first. In spades!
The best books are the ones that suck me in from the first page. Lay it Down was that kind of book. I loved Hudson’s personality from the beginning. He had plenty of authority in his voice when he needed it but the more I got to know him, I realized he wanted, needed someone to care enough to claim him and still allow him to be his own person. It’s a thin line between being kept and being claimed but Miguel obviously understood it and it was pure joy to watch them become a family.
DOWNI really didn’t care for Hudson’s brother when I first “met” him. He seemed so careless and selfish but then I came to realize that Hudson had some blame in that. He had enabled Dal to become dependent on having someone take care of him. At the same time, Dal wasn’t as helpless as Hudson made him out to be. Party boy, yes. Selfish, a bit. But I think Hudson was so self-possessed because he saw Dal’s personality as being weak. But Dal went after what he wanted. He wasn’t afraid to try where trying and being rejected was almost paralyzing to Hudson.
This book made me think. I like that. It was entertaining without being ridiculous and liberating without being preachy. I want to see more of Hudson and Miguel or at least read more books like their story.
I had lots of fun with the translator on my computer. I want to learn Spanish now or at least memorize some of the phrases and endearments Miguel uses for Holden. Such a romantic language!
This story was refreshingly charming, exciting and sexy all at the same time. Well worth the read and an easy recommend.

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