Monday, November 20, 2017

Book Review: 'The Last Woman Standing' by Thelma Adams

Wyatt Earp is a western legend. He was a man of strength both in spirit and in body. He tried to maintain the law in Tombstone and the OK Corral gun battle is a historical site. This is the story of his woman. She’s so very different from him and his lifestyle it’s amazing that they fell in love.
The author does a very nice job of mixing history and fiction. She remains true to the facts but gives them life by creating her story. She shows that both Josephine and Wyatt had the determination and desire to be together despite the odds. You can feel their characters as you read this story.
Josephine was Jewish and from San Francisco. She moves to Tombstone to marry Johnny Behan, a man she’s met and has decided she loves. She was quite na├»ve when she arrived but she learned quickly. Behan wasn’t all that anxious to get married and she refuses to become his mistress. As time goes on, she ends up bedding him but she still isn’t getting married. Then she comes home with his son and finds him in her bed with another woman. That’s the end of that relationship for her.
How Josephine and Wyatt get together, how Behan tries to get even for her leaving him, and the gunfights at that time make interesting reading. There’s plenty of action, her words flow well, and all you can do is hope things will work well.
My favorite part is the dynamics between Josephine and Wyatt. Both of them had other partners before they found each other but the dance between the two with the best prize being their love is what makes this book good.

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