Sunday, November 12, 2017

Book Review: 'Lady Claire Is All That' by Maya Rodale

SO “un-ton” to let society see her intelligence and, of all things, in math! But that is Lady Claire, the bluestocking sister of the upstart American who inherited an English Dukedom. Claire is determined to fulfill her promise to her now-dead mother and also fulfill her dream of discussing math with the great math scholars in England — a challenge, to be sure.  She does as the old duchess of Durham insists and makes the social scene, but she’s just plain not husband hunting.
Then, Maximillian Fredick DeVere, Lord Fox returns to the social scene after being jilted by his beautiful fiancĂ©. He is the epitome of ton. He is a winner in sports and with women and hires someone to do math things for him. With his Male Pride smarting from being jilted, he makes a horrid bet with a supposed friend. The bet involves Fox’s much-loved hunting dog and Lady Claire. He just HAS to win, but he failed to take into account his heart’s feelings; after all, he’d never had any trouble with his heart being involved with his decisions before. Moreover, when his rank, wealth, face and body failed to impress Lady Claire, he is flabbergasted.
The BET keeps him trying even though to Lady Claire he is “not an equation worth solving.” However, when his kiss short circuits her brain and wakes up her body to passion, desire, and lust, Lady Claire has to regroup. She is floundering in unknown territory. How these two find their happy-ever-after captivates.
The side stories of Lady Claire’s siblings and Society’s outrage yet fascination with them enhances the story and makes one giggle at times.
Maya Rodale does a wonderful job of weaving a subtle humor through the story that made this reader smile often. Her writing is delightful, entertaining, yet encompasses a great theme of two lovers who each are willing to give up something super important to see that the other is a winner. Definitely a GOOD READ!

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