Thursday, November 30, 2017

Book Review: 'Jordan & Rhys' by Sue Brown

Jordan has gone through so much with the traumatic experience of losing Mike. He lives only half a life, even washing seems to be too much trouble for him these days. So his friends decide to take matters into their own hands and hire Rhys to help take care of Jordan until he can do it himself. Jordan is not a happy camper and he fights this as much as he can. Jordan longs for something but finds it hard to even think about another man, let alone another submissive. Can Rhys get through to him or is Jordan lost for good? Rhys longs for something as well but is what he wants forever out of his reach?
RHYSAs a caretaker Rhys understands what Jordan is going through but he is not going to let Jordan waste away. I enjoyed watching the battle of wills between these two men. Rhys may be a submissive but he takes control when it comes to Jordan’s health. The attraction between the two is instant but Jordan is not ready for anything just yet. Rhys is more than happy to wait but for how long? As much as Rhys loves Jordan he can never just be an afterthought. Watching their relationship build made for a nice read. You rarely get a second chance when it comes to love so when Rhys sees his opening he takes it but can Jordan forget the past or will he be doomed to always live in it? The two make a good couple and their emotions show through in everything that they do. Jordan has some hard choices to make and when fate intervenes Jordan must make a decision or lose Rhys.
This is a sweet read that pulled me in right from the start. Rhys and Jordan are both great men as are many of the supporting characters in this story. I loved seeing the camaraderie and the love between them all. No matter what these men will stand by one another. Seeing Jordan and Rhys find their happiness made for a delightful read and I cannot wait to see who will be the next to find their happiness in this world.

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