Saturday, November 4, 2017

Book Review: 'Invincible' by Diana Palmer

Ahhh! That’s the sweet sound of vindication. The overall story arc of the bad guy messing with the alpha guys of Wyoming is concluded after the end of the very satisfying journey in Invincible.
If a reader has read Wyoming Bold then they might remember meeting Carson then because that’s where Merissa had a vision about him. It comes to pass in this novel and what’s amazing is, it’s not the truth. I mean it is, but it’s not. I didn’t find out which until almost the end of this novel. It’s pretty cool!
In this novel I found out a lot about Carson and it’s fascinating. The story is told mostly from the heroine’s point of view. When Carlie found out about stuff, then so did I but where I only thought ‘wow’, she reacted with lots of emotion depending on the subject matter.
Carson was a tough nut to crack but the men in Carlie’s life, from her dad to Cash to Rourke, all knew where the hero was coming from because they had various levels of the same experience. They gave him advice as only guys could. It would have been too easy if Carson took the advice. The hero had to work things out for himself. And, while taking his time to process things, had numerous opportunities for heart attacks because of events that affected Carlie. One of them eventually was his wake-up call.
Carlie is a morally strong, faith-filled young woman with a demanding job, a loving father and an unrequited love for Carson. She finds out that she’s not above temptation when it comes to the hero, that her dad isn’t quite as quiet and unassuming as she first believed and Carson isn’t as unaffected by her as she thinks. For all her strengths she has a few flaws. She’s forgetful which allows for some suspenseful moments, and she expresses her emotions easily and profusely. Most times it’s endearing and helpful to the plot, but there are a couple of times they were a bit over-the-top and irritating. And what’s the deal behind all that harping about her ‘ratty’ coat? Don’t they have a Goodwill or Salvation Army in the area or within driving distance? If I can find a suit jacket for $3 at a regular store’s end of season blowout clearance sale (I didn’t get it because it was a purple plaid) why couldn’t she find a better cheap coat? Her financial situation didn’t jive with the purchase of her dress or other things I noted during the novel. There’s something off when a father has the type of vehicle Carlie’s dad has and what he leaves her to drive.
I really did like the suspense, drama and mild action that came from chasing down the bad guys and figuring out who was in danger by whom. Those scenes were effectively and powerfully written.
The novel is mostly sensual. There’s lots of heat and pent up sexual frustration and passion between Carlie and Carson but it’s only towards the end that readers get a peek behind the bedroom door. It’s enough to know that the hero and heroine are a satisfyingly combustible mix.
Invincible was a one day, don’t want to leave my chair don’t bother me, read. I even passed on watching my favorite Heath Ledger movie, A Knight’s Tale, so I could finish reading the last few intense and action packed dramatic chapters of Invincible. That’s about the best endorsement a book can get. I enjoyed myself immensely, I adored the happy ever after and I truly believe a lot of other readers will like this book too.

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