Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Review: 'Intuition' by Anna Durand

Intuition was an interesting and unique take on characters with psychic powers. I enjoyed learning about both Grace and David, however I admit to being a little lost for awhile as I tried to piece together what had happened in book one. While I was able to (mostly) understand everything eventually, I suspect starting at the beginning would have been a better idea. Therefore, I really recommend doing so for new readers. I’ll likely go back and read the first book myself, because I really enjoyed this author’s writing style and voice.
The story was well written with plenty of great description that clearly illustrated the characters and settings throughout. I could easily picture the people (though, actually, there wasn’t a lot of description of the two protagonists) and the places, and even the things they saw psychically. Grace’s visions and astral “visits” were incredibly vivid. I also really loved Sean…he was such a perfectly created young man, full of life and angst and goofiness. She nailed his behavior for his age.
I didn’t care for the “big secret” trope used to keep the two protagonists apart. I’m not really a fan of that, typically, and in this case, they’d apparently already been through a lot in book one and were engaged. If you’re going to marry someone, shouldn’t you be able to trust them completely? If not, then do you really love them enough to spend your entire life with them? That was one of the bigger conflicts in this story, and just served to annoy me, otherwise I likely would have rated it higher.

Still, as mentioned, Ms. Durand is a solid author. I’ve not read her work before, but I’ll be seeking out more. She’s skilled and her book was clean and well composed. Aside from my niggle, above, I really enjoyed the story and hope there will be a Psychic Crossroads, Book Three. Do yourself a favor if you enjoy this genre: start with book one and enjoy!

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