Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Book Review: 'The Image of Her' by Lorna Peel

The Image of Her was a decent mystery that kept me turning pages.
Rachel’s grandmosther passed away, and Rachel has inherited her grandmother’s place and lost her job. Between the odd noises she hears in the house and being a bit broke, as well as looking for a tenant, things are a little off for her. Enter Matthew Williams, sent to check out the weird noises but also in need of a place to stay.
I liked both Rachel and Matthew. They are decent folk just trying to get through life. Both have had some setbacks and are getting back on their feet. It was nice to see it happen together and for their romance to develop slowly and sweetly.
I have to admit that the book left me breathless frequently, right from the get go. There is much higher amount of dialogue versus narration that is used to move the story along and that was part of it. Also there’s a lot of story (and several sub-plots) contained between the pages so there’s a lot to take in. It was okay, just occasionally a bit confusing and exhausting and the reason this book didn’t rate higher.
I love the author’s light and fun tone of voice. The first chapter was an absolute joy to read and hooked me into the rest, not necessarily because of the story, but because of the two main characters. So fun!
There is a remarkable amount of British slang and words I was unfamiliar with as an American. It did pop me out of the story quite a lot, but it’s a British setting and I wouldn’t have expected otherwise.
All in all, though The Image of Her was a satisfying read. More just story and mystery than romance, it still made my heart very happy. It’s unusual today to find a book that isn’t all about the sex. This isn’t, and I think it really helped the relationship to grow more deeply and believably. I don’t doubt that Rachel and Matthew will live happily every after.

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